Monday, May 4, 2015


A little something done over the holidays to test out some new hardware and to document the workflow for my students.

Max for modeling, Corona for lighting. Set to 100 passes, rendered in little over two hours each. Post in PS for colours and such.

Two days from start to finish.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rendering 101

To those interested in my 3D work, please skip this post.

To my 2nd and 3rd years, I give you render settings. Click through for the original res images and save them in a folder. Name this folder and know where it is. Follow these and nothing else. Check everything. Then check them again. Keep checking them as you work because if one setting is off by even a fraction things can get very bad very fast. Read the annotations I've penned in, they're intended to make meanings of things clearer.

Do not touch Caustics. Seriously. Don't.

Bottom line: Do exactly what the images show, leave them that way and you should be fine.

These are settings for V-Ray 2.40.03 running on 3D Max 2013. There is some overlap if you're using older versions of either, but you shouldn't be. If you haven't the software, contact me and I'll see about getting it for you.

This is complex software you're dealing with; it will always have bugs. If something doesn't seem right, let me know so it can be dealt with. Soon. Don't wait for it to get worse. Especially if you're a week away from a deadline.

I am available via AOD email and a large number of you seem to have my number, so you have multiple ways of contacting me.

Go forth and render.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sicily night

As promised, the evening/ night shot from the Sicily house. Again, somewhat altered, but the overall concept is the same. Interior lighting is overhead kitchen light and a standing lamp, exterior is deck lights and string lights in the trees along with a blueish ambient for the entire scene.

IR/LC for this, Brute Force was too noisy. 2800*1400px, 3 hour rendertime. Post for colours and bloom.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Backyard terrace in Sicily. Layout of the house has been altered in this visual for privacy reasons, but the general structure of the terrace and yard have been left the same.

Timber decking is CG Source's FloorGen, grass is three varieties of scattered proxies, tree leaf material is the usual 2sided. Lighting is Vray Sun with a high res image for the backplate. Everything else are basic materials.

BF and LC, almost 4hr rendertime for 2800*1400px image. Surprisingly enough, no colour correction; only post was for a water refraction change and a bit of grass smoothing.

Evening/ night shot soon.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Automotive study: Porsche GT

Took a break from the usual arch and interior vis to fiddle around with an old model of a Porsche GT I found hidden away on the hard drive; went good so turned it into a decent study of automotive materials and lighting over the weekend.

Lighting solution is entirely IBL using a warehouse HDRI that was also used for the background. Materials are all single layer with appropriate reflections.  Didn't spend too much time on composition, just followed a few basic rules to make them look right. Original renders are 2400*1600px left to solve out for about an hour each. DOF is burned in; faster, easier and better looking than post.

Post for colours, lighting balance and noise reduction.

Note: original model is not mine, found the free low poly online years ago. If you recognise this as yours, please give me the source so that I can give you credit.